"I have worked with a lot of WCS systems over the years, and have found QC Software’s IMS to be easily configurable and user friendly."

-- Kevin Tedford, Principal Consultant, KT Consulting

Order Management Solutions

Dynamic Slotting

On the surface it seems simple: Use the most efficient product placement based on SKU velocity and picking productivity increases dramatically. Optimized slotting provides quick access to popular products, and reduces travel time for picking, putaway, and restocking. But for warehouses and distribution centers that lack agility, achieving optimum efficiency is always just out of reach.

The key is a dynamic slotting process that is responsive to changing products, customer demands, and slotting strategies. Driven by real-time data, QC Software’s Dynamic Slotting monitors and analyzes product demand, fulfillment productivity, production levels, and other shifting warehousing variables. Whether implemented across the entire warehouse, or confined to a specific island of inventory, QC Software’s self-correcting, parameter-based Dynamic Slotting solution optimizes warehouse space and product placement for the most efficient operation available. It’s that simple.

  • May be implemented through entire warehouse or confined to selected locations or inventory
  • Scalable to meet your changing needs
  • Optimizes product placement based on demand & physical size
  • Slots for: floor space, shelves, racks, ASRs
  • Maintain more efficient levels of inventory

OPEX Perfect Pick Integration

Perfect Pick, designed and manufactured by OPEX Corporation, is a goods-to-person order picking system that eliminates the need for conveyors, lifts, other transfer points that add time, expense and potential failure. Maximize storage capacity, streamline operations, and minimize labor costs -- all while accelerating picking time and accuracy.

Now you can fully leverage Perfect Pick efficiency with the power of QC Enterprise WCS/WES. QC Enterprise seamlessly integrates Perfect Pick into your fulfillment operations to deliver a fully-automated and synchronized distribution environment. Gain complete control and real-time visibility across all picking operations, make critical decisions based on the most recent and accurate information.

QC Software together with OPEX Perfect Pick elevates warehouse automation to a whole new level.
  • Maximize picking efficiency with state-of-the-art goods-to-person order fulfillment technology
  • Flexible & scalable to keep pace with growing demand
  • Streamline picking and reduce bottlenecks while improving accuracy
  • Pick information is automatically relayed to the host system
  • Real-time inventory and order status updates

Pick to Light

Quick to learn and easy to use, paperless Pick-to-Light (PTL) order management systems are fast, accurate, and cost-effective. The light-directed system guides fulfillment staff to stock locations where quantities needed to fill orders are numerically displayed.

Only the QC Software system combines expert Warehouse Control/Execution technology with the industry-leading PTL components of ATOP Technologies. This powerful combination delivers new levels of reliability, automation and efficiency while putting real-time visibility and control at your fingertips.


  • Maximize picking speed & accuracy
  • Ideal for zone-picking and other team-based approaches
  • Pick information is automatically transmitted to host system
  • Real-time inventory and order status updates
  • An optional color-coded display feature assigns each picker a unique color enabling multiple pickers per zone
  • Supports both Pick-to-Light & Put-to-Light order fulfillment
  • Link PTL with voice, RF, and other tools for a fully integrated operation that fits your unique and changing requirements

RF Scanning

Hand-held Radio Frequency (RF) scanners remain the workhorse of the industry. Since replacing manual, paper-based processes in the 1970s RF scanners have steadily evolved to keep pace with the needs of warehousing and distribution. Today RF is widely used through the integration with warehouse software, bar codes, and wireless networking. For many, scanning remains the most viable, reliable and cost-effective order fulfillment option. Now QC Software is taking RF technology to a whole new level.

With QC Software your scanner is more than just an order fulfillment tool. It is your bridge to the warehouse floor. The results are more accurate fulfillment, better tracking, faster replenishment, and tighter inventory control. With QC Software’s RF Scanning solution, complete control and real-time visibility are literally at your fingertips.


  • Fully integrated with Honeywell, Motorola, Teklogix, and other popular systems
  • Quick to learn & Easy to use
  • Seamless integration
  • Integrate multiple picking technologies to optimize order fulfillment
  • Pick information is automatically transmitted to host system
  • Real-time inventory and order status updates

Voice Picking

Hands-free voice picking systems are setting the standard in order fulfillment. Adaptable to a wide variety of warehouse / distribution environments, these systems have been shown to increase productivity by 35% or more while slashing errors by 25%. Voice picking is quick to learn and even easier to use. Your staff will become proficient in just days and begin delivering measurable improvements to fulfillment speed, accuracy and your bottom line almost immediately.

Each day nearly one million workers around the world rely on Honeywell Vocollect™ systems. Combine that with QC Software Warehouse Control / Execution technology and you have perhaps the most trusted, integrated, and efficient voice picking system in the industry. Contact us today to learn how we are streamlining order fulfillment for a faster and even greater return on investment.


  • Accelerate order picking speed & accuracy without added labor
  • Improve safety & reduce damages
  • Workers are guided through the warehouse with the most efficient routing
  • Integrate multiple picking technologies to optimize order fulfillment
  • Pick information is automatically relayed to the host system
  • Real-time inventory and order status updates